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Rhythmic gymnastics gives the ability to harmonize the body and apparatus work as it interprets as well as express the rhythm of the accompanying rhythmic gymnastics music. Note that the music is also important like the body element and apparatus techniques in rhythmic gymnastics. It is important to note that all these exercises in this sport are performed to the reflection of the music and it does not matter if it is rock and roll, jazz or even classical. Even though it is absolutely not necessary to be a musician to be successful as a rhythmic gymnast, it makes sense to have to understand music and have a good sense of rhythm even if it is just little.

There are some considerations when it comes to rhythmic gymnastics music. One of such is the speed or tempo and this does not really mean that the music is fast or slow. It is important to create the right balance. For example, a slow music played in treble will surely create a different impression when compared with the same slow music played in bass.

rhythmic gymnastics music

Rhythmic Gymnastics Music

Other considerations when selecting gymnastics music for your individual exercise is to ensure that the music is not too long. In fact 75 seconds in length remains the best for your individual exercise. Beginners are even advised to have them shorter than even 75 seconds.

Ideally, it is also better to select rhythmic gymnastics music which suits your age and also your ability. It shouldn’t be too broad or too strong. Always endeavor to choose one which has the right balance between rhythm and tempo. Note that, there would always be some change of speed during the exercise else it would become boring except the gymnast is very highly experience.

Lastly, it is important to identify the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus that has what it takes to bring out the real function of the apparatus. For example, a slower music for circling the hoop or short patterns which can help showcase the bouncing of the ball. Whether pop, jazz and classical, they are all acceptable; however, it is important to choose the one that suits better.

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