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The Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus is very fundamental to the rhythmic gymnastics sports. Note that only one apparatus can be used by an individual athlete at a time. Other gymnastic equipment can be distributed to the group when there are multiple gymnasts performing. For example, up to 2 rhythmic gymnastics apparatus can be manipulated when groups perform routines together. However, it is part of the rule to allow athletes exchange apparatus among team members during routines. You can also have your own set and go through private gymnastic classes regularly. The following are the various rhythmic gymnastics apparel



Rope (rhythmic gymnastics)
Rope (rhythmic gymnastics)

They are made with synthetic material or hemp but note that the length of the rope will depend on the height of the athlete that is using it. It works in such a way that allows the gymnast in creating some figures using a loose or taut rope and this why there is a much explosive relationship between rhythmic gymnastics apparatus and the gymnast. For example, in gymnastic for kids, a small girl can make do with one that is two and half meters in length with a 6 millimeter in thickness. Note that if the rope is too long, it is advisable to tie a Know at each end.




The Make of a hoop can be either a wood or plastic but it must retain the shape in a routine. It is important to note that the hoop will define the space as gymnasts utilize it as they move within the formed circle. The hoop by design will favor rotations, passages and rolls and that is why it is best handled by good movementcoordination and different changes of the grip.


Russia's Daria Dmitrieva competes using the ball in her individual all-around gymnastics qualification match at the Wembley Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 9, 2012. REUTERS/Mike Blake (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS SPORT GYMNASTICS)


The Ball is a Rhythmic gymnastics apparatus which can be made from synthetic material or rubber. However, if any synthetic material is used, it must have the same type of elasticity as the rubber. The gymnast cannot grip this apparatus but it will require an alert relationship between the apparatus and the body. The rhythmic gymnastics ball is heavy and that is why it is so special but it has precision and control as its key elements.

The Ribbon

This creates designs in space owing to its being long, light with an ability to be thrown in all directions. Gymnasts use the ribbon to create different sizes of figures with some varying rhythms. The ribbon gymnastics give rise to spirals and snakes in its flight.

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