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Gymnastic is an artistic sport that normally requires a combination of muscle coordination, agility, balance which is usually performed using some specialized apparatus. Note that gymnastics involve some series of movement that require a kind of kinetic awareness like aerials, split leaps and handsprings. Gymnastics derive its name from the ancient Greek word which means disciplinary exercises and it is can be performed by both women and men at many levels whether in gymnastics clubs, colleges, schools or local and international competitions.

Let us lean about Gymnastics History

Gymnastics can be traced to ancient Greeks who practiced gymnastics in order to practice for war. It involved some activities like wrestling, disk throwing, jumping and other activities that develop the muscles that were needed for combat. The Greeks also used fitness practices like mounting and dismounting a horse and other circus performance skills. At some point, gymnastics then became an integral part of the ancient Greek education which became mandatory to all students.

ancient Greeks practicing gymnastics
    Ancient Greeks Practicing gymnastics

This went on till the Roman Empire got to the throne and the Greek gymnastics were turned into a kind of military training. But unfortunately, it was at this time when the Olympic Games established earlier was abolished leading to the decline of the gymnastics sports. In fact, the sport of gymnastics became forgotten in the process.

The nineteenth century saw the United States adopt the German and Swedish gymnastics program as the armed forces featured all manner of gymnastics exercises in their drill manuals. However, gymnastics will once again lose steam as modern warfare. However, during the last decade of the nineteenth century, men’s gymnastics once again became popular and its popularity earned it a place in the 1896 Olympic Games which was the first modern Olympic Games in history. As time went by, especially during the early 1950s, so many changes were made into the gymnastics sports like the high jumping, tope climbing and so many others.

The 1954 Olympics saw both men and women participate in the gymnastics sport with the modern format and until the games in 1972, the women routines was based on grace movement while the men was more of strength and power. These days, gymnastics is getting more popular and there is even gymnastics for kids. Women gymnastics is one of the most watched events in the Olympic Games attracting international interest.  Rhythmic gymnastics is another competitive gymnastics for women and has now become part of the sport since 1984 Olympics. The rhythmic gymnasts perform some kind of dance like movement by holding rhythmic gymnastics ribbon, rope, and ball with routines being performed in groups or individually.


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