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Gymnastics Apparatus Rope 

It may be made  synthetic material which retains the qualities of lightness and suppleness. Its length is in proportion to the size of the gymnast. The rope should, when held down by the feet, reach both of the gymnasts’ armpits. One or two knots at each end are for keeping hold of the rope while doing the routine. At the ends (to the exclusion of

Rope (rhythmic gymnastics) Gymnastics Apparatus Rope<
Gymnastics Apparatus Rope

all other parts of the rope) an anti-slip material, either coloured or neutral may cover a maximum of 10 cm (3.94 in). The rope must be coloured, either all or partially. It may be either of a uniform diameter or be progressively thicker in the center provided that this thickening is of the same material as the rope.

The fundamental requirements of a rope routine include leaps and skipping. Other elements include swings, throws, circles, rotations and figures of eight.

This is one of the cheap gymnastics equipment that can create variety of patterns in an easy way. The good thing is that anyone can do it, just swing the rope and stick but ensure that the correct swivel attachment between the stick and ribbon is properly utilized and also ensure that the performer stands still. However, note that as long as body movement is incorporated especially in the area of traveling and turning, there would be a high chance of getting entangled in the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon.

One of the best way to find it cheap will be look for if via online channels or used gymnastics equipment sale shops.

Below are some specificaitons
3 meter, plaited rope. Suitable for any category, from novice through to senior.
Colour – Pink or purple.
Size – One size.
Diameter- 10 mm.
Composition – 100% Polypropylene. 10 mm diameter. 3 m length
This rope has been tested and approved by club gymnasts


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